IOT Services

The rapid expansion of devices creates opportunities to gain faster insights by connecting the unconnected.
What is IQ?
IQ is Infiquity, IQ's Internet of Things (IoT) solutions offer new ways to drive efficiencies, engage customers and develop new business with greater insights at the Intelligent Edge.
Hardware Development

Edge Node

Wireless Development

Bluetooth, Wifi, Gsm ( 4G /5G) , Zigbee & Lora

Software Development

Complete Software Development

Sensors Accelerometer

GPS, GYRO & All Others Sensors Interfacing

Wired Communication


12v Systems
24v Sytems

Embedded Services

Hardware Development Capabilities

* Completed end-to-end projects - 10
* Complete Hardware development Life Cycle acquaintance
* Requirements elicitation
* Detailed design
* PCB development - Up to 8 layers
* Component population
* Hardware testing
* EMI/EMC testing
* Environment testing
* Benchmarking - Completed 1 project
* Reverse engineering
* Value engineering to reduce BOM cost
* BOM preparation (Electronics, Mechanical

Embedded Development

*Design, Development of 8/16/32-bit Controller/Processor based Embedded
Systems and architectures.
* Operating Systems : Linux, WinCE, Nucleus
* Internet of things (loT) Application Development.
* Proficient Expertise in communication protocols like CAN, UDS, Bluetooth, WiFi
* Developing Graphical user Interface (GUI) with C, C++ and widget framework
* Compliance using AutoSAR, ISO 26262